Maxine Brown

The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie

Looking Back to See

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5 Responses to “Looking Back to See”
  1. glen martin says:

    America’s purest harmony!

  2. Diana Engel says:

    Either something is wrong with my computer (entirely possible) or with the video. It keeps stopping, skipping. Is anyone else having trouble with it?

  3. Peggy Shaver says:

    The best version by far is done by The Browns. Some came close, but no cigar.

  4. Pat C. says:

    So happy to hear these great old songs! I’m 47 but I do remember hearing THe Three Bells when I was young and the harmonies on that song are just the most gorgeous ever.. What incredibly gifted people the Browns are.

    I just read Nashville Chrome and although I think the author was a little cruel at times ( no wonder Maxine was angry with him!) at least their story was put out there for another generation of people to learn. Such a powerful story of the Depression and hard times, but a story of grit and survival and triumph too.

    Thank you, Tommy, for this website. Will be getting some CD’s for Christmas presents for the family this year!

  5. Sue Courtwright says:

    Flo sent me here,was looking for the song looking Back To See, I would love to be able to download it so I can put it on my Phone,Is there somewhere I can download it? Love this song,when we lived in Texas we didn’t have a tv and some guy my husband was in the army gave us a record player and a bunch of records,we played that song alot. Thanx

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