Maxine Brown

The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie

Maxine’s Son Creates Website for Mom

Hello all,

Well, Mom says she wants my picture up on this website somewhere. I said no need, but you know how Moms are. She insisted!

This website is Mom’s 2010 Mother’s Day gift. Mom and I worked together to design the content and layout. I had a talented technician assist with the initial design, and I know enough about website programming to take it from there. Indeed, with that wonderful book of hers and some of the greatest music ever recorded, if anyone needed a website, it was Maxine Brown!

Thank you for visiting Mom’s site and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your experience.

Tommy Russell

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28 Responses to “Maxine’s Son Creates Website for Mom”
  1. Jeanette Heird says:

    I dont have a website. I am your cousin ….. Your mother was my Aunt Birdie and Your dad , Floyd was my uncle. My dads brother. I was Jeanette Brown, and my dad was Loyd Brown, My moms name was Lou.
    I love ya’lls music andI wish I had more.

  2. harold glen martin says:

    The world will only realize the true greatness of God given talent after it’s gone. The Browns, featuring
    Jim Ed, Maxine & Bonnie, offer up a smooth blend of sweet harmony as pure as Arkansas water.

  3. Maxine says:

    What a wonderful comment. Thank you Harold. And how nice to hear from a cousin! (Maxine)

  4. Sandra says:

    Hi Maxine,

    the new website is soooooooo good!!! Congratulation!!!
    Please tell your son that he is very talented.

    Kind regards,

  5. Maxine Brown says:

    Thank you Sandra,
    This is so nice, hearing from someone in Germany and with the Bear Family Records.Your Boss, Richard Weize has been so nice to all the artist by putting out some of our recordings which would have long ago been lost and forgotton.The Box Set on The Browns is wonderful. Because of Richard, The Browns now have the Browns, “A Country Music Odyssey” which I have listed on this website Thank you, Maxine

  6. Judy says:

    Love the web site – glad Bill Mack gave it on the air today. Love your music and sense of humor.

  7. Meg ( From England) says:

    Hi Maxine and Tom,

    Congratulations on your website, what a lovely mother’s day gift.
    I am checking it out and will get back to you.

  8. Maxine Brown says:

    Judy and Meg, how sweet of you to write and say such kind words. Thanks to you both. Yes, Bill Mack and Cindy are just the greatest, I appreciate his help on promoting Take It Out In Trade and the entire CD.Nothing like having good friends. I truly appeciate your comments, for me and my son, Tommy. Thanks. Maxne

  9. Katherine Russell says:

    Just wanted to tell Uncle Tommy “My God” you did a great job! And wanted to say hello Grandma! I’m still here at camp! I’ll be home August 8th!


  10. Maxine Brown says:

    Hey Kay, how is camp going for you??? I bet you will be glad to get home and back to Oxford. Yes, Uncle Tom did a super job, makes your grandma proud. Miss you.

  11. Maxine Brown says:

    Hey, Kat, I think I mispelled your name, I hate this new typewriter, too small for my big fingers, miss you at home, anxious to see you.,Love, grandma

  12. Eugene Elmore says:


    Great website you and Tom have put together!! Glad Bill Mack and Cindy gave it out today (8Jul2010). I have heard you call in a couple times and really enjoyed listening to yall. Wish some day you would visit with them live. That would be a blast! I have been listening to the great music of Jim Ed And The Browns for many years now, and yall are one of my favorite groups. Wish yall could have performed together forever! My kind of music! Wish you continued great success with your music, and book. Best of luck always. Eugene Elmore in south Alabama

  13. M.E. Farris says:

    Please, as far as, “speaking my mind,” goes.., I would appreciate it if, like in Poker, I can for the moment, just “check to the power.” I plan to come back and speak my mind, just as you ask, here in your Mom’s website.

    I can only say this, my mind was blown this morning, as I happen to be sitting here on my front porch, deep in the woods of East Texas, with my dogs asleep all around me.., surfing the radio dial, when suddenly I came across the end of an interview with your Mom, talking about many of America’s Country Stars of old and their music. I once owned a very large C&W place, featuring live entertainment, in Dallas, Texas, some 40 years ago. I was fortunate to have booked many of these much loved entertainers. I not only knew them as celebrities, but as personable individuals, who truly loved the people who bought a ticket to see them perform.

    I am was so glad to learn this morning, that Maxine has written this book. I have not purchased a C&W Magazine, since probably 1971. I now know, that I must purchase her new book ! My synapses are now firing again, regarding the memories I hold dear, regarding the entertainers I met forty years ago.

    Just like the title to that famous old song, “Thanks.., For The Memories.”

    Most respectfully,

    Van Zandt County Texas

  14. Gigi Ballester says:

    Maxine and Tommy:

    I love your website. It has taken me several visits to read and enjoy it all.

    Tommy, your Mom has spoken of you often; with lots of love; and I can see why. This is the most wonderful and loving Mother’s Day gift.

    I hope to see you both in Memphis in the near future. I think Elvis Week is ready for another visit from the amazing Maxine. Maybe a few hints to The Powers That Be at Graceland……I’m sure Scott and Tom would look forward to it.

  15. Shirley says:

    Maxine, I am so thrilled that your son did this web site for you. When you came to our Elvis Presley Insider’s meeting in 2006, I bought your book and of course you signed it for me. Well I have so many Elvis books to have to read, that it took me til early 2009 to get to read it. I finished it on your birthday and I loved it so much that I searched high and low on the internet for an address or phone number, even the Elvis site for something more on you just so I could tell you how much I enjoyed your book-Looking Back To See. Of all the Elvis books I’ve read, I do believe your’s is the best. There’s so much truth in it and your life has been so full of experiences that it’s truly an inspiration to life. I hope we shall meet again. I loved all your Elvis stories that you told at our meeting. Thanks again for sharing your life. Your Friend Shirley

  16. Maxine Brown says:

    This is for those I have not thanked for thier nice comments, Eugene Elmore, M.E. Farris, GiGi Ballester, and Shirley. I appreciate all your nice, kind words. and I read each and every one. They mean a lot to me.I f I have missed anyone, I’m sorry. My CD of Sugar Cane County is doing great, thanks to my friends Bill and Cindy Mack, my good friend in Tyler, Tom Perryman and all those who have helped me plug it in various ways.”Maxine Brown’s Buried Treasurer” is on the horizon, watch for it, new cover but same songs, I think its much more impressive. Thanks to all who have ordered already. Not only the CD but my book as well. Love to all, Maxine

  17. Jerry Turner says:

    I am 49 and I have never to this day heard a group as harmonized as the browns. I remember being 4 or 5 and hearing the 3 bells and cried everytime I heard it strange isn’t it. I hope all is well with your family and will always be your fan as long as I live. I have a wonderful wife 9 kids and 12 grandkids that I have made fans of you all as well. May God bless you and your family.
    Jerry Turner

  18. dave says:

    hi maxine i barely knew The Browns existed until i joined youtube in january (we don’t get out much in Australia)lol but i playlisted everything i can find and actually posted “Morning” which gets a huge response I guess 3000 hits in country is like a million hits of babies crying (lol) Looking back to see was one of the first songs i found on youtube ..The other versions aren’t too shabby either ..Congratulations on a wonderful career regards dave ps How do i buy the book please

  19. Mike Zumwant says:

    While I was just a wee one, “about 3”. I remember listening to you and your brother and sister. The old lamplighter I still remember from the 50’s.
    Just a ferw days ago I looked on youtube and all my old favorited are there.

    My Mom and her Sister, Brother came from Kansas in the late 40’s, to Longview Washington.
    They sang, gospel mostly.
    They quit singing shortly after the move.
    They had some old 78’s that they recorded, they were called, “The Ennnis Sisters”.
    There record was played on the radio when I was little.

  20. Roger Gerber says:

    Hi Maxine! I see you made contact with Doug Davis here in Texarkana. Doug has a band, called, “Doug Davis and the Good Ole Boys”, of which I am a member. He has a Classic Country website and sends out a newsletter 1-2 times a week. Hope you visit his sit and subscribe. Sure miss hearing “The Browns”. We don’t get ANY Country Music channels. BOO!

  21. Pat C. says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Tom for this website. I am 47 and to this day I still get chills listening to The Three Bells. The Brown harmony is perhaps the greatest ever, the sweetest and most effortless for sure.

    No work is ever wasted! You are appreciated, and I so hope someone makes a feature film of the Browns! I cannot believe that hasn’t been done yet. God bless and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  22. Joe says:

    Maxine….just finished reading your wonderful, entertaining book and wanted to offer my thanks for putting you memories into words.

    I was a rock & roll teenager coming of age in the late fifties and it was crossover country hits such as Sonny James’ ‘Young Love’, Patsy Clines’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ and of course The Browns’ ‘Three Bells’ that eventually led me to embrace country music. I have yet to experience the harmonies that you, Bonnie and Jim Ed created.

    Thank you for your music, your life; and precious memories. God bless you!

    Sincere Regards, Joe

  23. BILL GORDY says:

    Dear Maxine, Your website gives me the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Looking Back To See after hearing about it from JE on an appearance on Larry’s Country Diner. I was singing along on the Browns records in the early 60s, and have been a big fan all these years. In my opinion that era of CM is the best. These days I enjoy your music on youtube, wish I could find more of your videos from that time. Thank you for all the memories of your wonderful harmonies. God Bless you, Bonnie & JE.

  24. Randy Francis says:

    When I think of The singing Browns, Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie, I am taken back to the mid 1960s when I was a lad from Sikeston, MO who sold Grit newspapers (weekly) in my spare time. I loved country music , but in my home with 8 siblings all kinds of music were heard. I had many favorites–Johnny Cash the biggest and among those favorites were The Browns. As a boy of 8 or 9, I knew them as the best singing group in the business. I knew they weren’t hot, but were nonetheless established stars and well loved widely. I thought of the song “Scarlet Ribbons” when they came to mind. I thought that surely must have been their biggest smash hit! I checked out their Victor LP “Our Favorite Folk Songs” from the public library and otherwise knew their music by hearing them on Radio and Television. I knew there was something unique about them because I heard their songs on Country Music Radio, (KSIM 1400), and others, but also would hear them on easy listening pop stations mixed in with tunes by Tony Bennet, Vicki Carr, Glen Yarbrough and others. And then there were the daily time slots on various stations when sacred music was featured for a half hour or so, and I often heard their sweet harmony performances among selections by George Beverly Shea, the Blackwood Brothers, Jim Reeves and the Chuck Wagon Gang. I realized as a boy that the Browns were indeed a very special and peerless act. I loved them and followed news about them in Country Song Roundup and looked out for TV spots. I remember watching the Browns singing on the Wilburn Brothers Show, with the girls sitting on a porch swing on a Black and White TV at a laundromat while I helped my mom fold towels!

    I knew that Jim Ed was making records solo already, but the Browns were still relevant and they remained my favorite singing group. Then they were just no longer around. I missed the news about their breaking up until years later. I can say that with all the turbulence of the 60s, there were aspects of life in that era that were sweet and among them was the music and presence of this class act. They were stars. They won dozens of industry awards right up to the end. They should be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. I can think of acts less worthy who have been enshrined already for years.

    I will close by saying something that I would be remiss not to mention. I came to be aquainted with members of the Browns in later years and they are just good, down to earth people and I love each of them–especially Maxine! God love you, lady!

    Randy Francis

  25. Maxine is the coolest lady that I know! Heard them at the Midnight Jamboree a few months back! Sounded great as usual! We love you Maxine!

  26. Paul Byrum says:

    All of us country music lovers,need to fight too keep our music on the radio. As most people know,Willie’s Place is being put aside.Sirius has merged it with the Roadhouse.If we don’t fight back,we will loose our music.And that includes Bill and Cindy Mack. Bill and Cindy has helped several people over their years on the is the time for us to repay them.We need to flood the phones and emails with complaints to sirius radio.We want Willie’s Place back,with Bill and Cindy.The number I called was 866-635-2349. I will call everyday,and email them everyday.Let’s all do what’s right,and get our music back.Please help me in this fight.Maxine is with me on this fight.Tell all your friends to start calling.Let’s go get-em Maxine.

  27. patsy says:

    I love your new web site. The browns have always been a favorite. Thanks for all the memories you shared with us all. What an honor that was.

  28. Anne says:

    How wonderful to find your website. I have always loved the music of The Browns. Long ago you, J.E. and Bonnie lived in a little house in Star City where I remember watching J.E. play his guitar on the front porch. I was the little red-haired neighbor girl Bonnie rode on her bike up & down the hill between our houses. Those memories will always hold a special place in my heart. All the best.

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