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The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie

Maxine Brown – Recipes and News

Enjoy these Ricipes from Mama Brown’s Trio Club:


into small pieces
3       BUNCHES FRESH GREEN ONIONS,  chopped into small pieces
1       BUNCH RADISHES, cut into small pieces
1       Lb. BACON, cooked until crisp and crumbled

Wash vegetables in cold water, rinse and dice.  Cook and crumble Bacon, set aside. When time to serve, heat the bacon drippings and vinegar together in a sauce pan until very hot.  Pour the vinegar and bacon drippings over the vegetables.  (use a large vegetable bowl). Sprinkle the crumled bacon over top.  Serve Immediately. This is not good when its cold.




1      Bunch Leaf Lettuce, washed & drained.  Place the
leaves in bottom of an oblong salad dish
1      Cup Celery, diced
1      Bunch Green Onions, cut up
1      Cup Carrots, shredded
1      Bell Pepper, diced
1      Cup Cheese, shredded, (Velveeta, or Cheddar)
1      Can English Peas, drained

Each of the above are laid on top of each other.

1      Pint Mayonnaise
2      Tablespoons Sugar

Mix the Mayonnaise and Sugar together and pour over the vegetables.  Do not mix.  Sprinkle bacon bits over top.  Refrigerate several hours before serving so the mayonnaise can run all down through the ingredients.
Note:  you may substitute green onions and lettuce, using red sweet onion, sliced thin and one head of lettuce.

Laken Bowles Review of Maxine Brown’s SugarCane County Music CD

Every now and again, an album comes along that makes you appreciate and value your auditory senses. With all of the crap (and that’s putting it nicely) coming out of Nashville these days, it astounds me that this little gem slipped through the cracks over forty years ago… it shouldn’t have, and it’s a shame that it did.

Maxine Brown’s 1969 album, Sugar Cane County, is simply a work of art, and should be heralded alongside such other landmark albums as Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger. When the Browns disbanded in 1967, both Maxine and Jim Ed elected to pursue a solo career with RCA.  Unfortunately, the powers that be could not appreciate the immense talent of Maxine and she was deemed to be “old hat.” She ultimately signed with Chart Records and made this little masterpiece that is simply her own style. It is impossible to label this album with a genre… it is of course “country,” but to brand it “country” and nothing else would be a disservice to it and Maxine. Like Willie’s Red Headed Stranger, each song adds something different and unique to create an overall feast of goodness: the distorted guitar in “You’ll Come A Running,” the delta bluesy sound of the title track, “Sugar Cane County,” and the wit and innuendo of “Take It Out In Trade,” and Maxine is very funny, and rest assure, it shows in this one (both the latter two of which she wrote, and I promise you “Trade” is the catchiest you song you will ever hear).

Did I mention that Maxine is also capable of singing ballads like nobody’s business? Well, she is… with songs like “Never Love Again” and “Take Time To Know Him,” she rips out your heart, but in that good, country soul way. Sadly, this album received little to no publicity and sat on the shelf for decades. Maybe it was too ahead of its time… maybe they did not know how to market it… maybe some men in the business were afraid of a strong willed woman like Maxine encroaching on their territory… there are a thousand maybes as to why this album never really took off. But here we are, forty-one years later, and the album is receiving significant airplay on Sirius/XM radio, which is perhaps where it belongs… on a national level. Just like a good bottle of old, red wine, it’s been steeping for over forty years, just waiting for that perfect year to uncork itself. Perhaps 2010 is going to be a good year. When the music fades on the final track of the album, we’re left with one thing: that voice… that unmistakable, sultry voice that resonates within one’s soul long after the visceral experience. Bill Mack himself said that, “Maxine Brown has the perfect voice. In this CD, she has chosen the perfect material to allow that voice to charm the masses!”and who’s going to argue with Bill Mack? Not me…

Click here to order your copy of Sugarcane County


Always fun being with you!

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  1. nanarkansas says:

    I did not realize til the end of nashville chrome that I was into a real life story!!! Does any new sound or voice remind you of yours? That pure, 3 as 1 voice? What radio station near Mountain Home would I enjoy your sweet sound? yours truly, Nan

  2. Tom says:

    Hello Nan,
    Don’t know of a Mountain Home station. Delighted you enjoy the music, and the answer is no, none of the new artists, though some are very very good, remind me of The Browns. For the Truth about the Browns, check out my book “Looking Back to See.” Thanks for writing Nan!! Maxine.

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