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The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie

Maxine Brown – The Brown’s 1965 Tour of Japan

With all the tragedy happening in Japan, I wanted to share this story:

In 1965, The Browns made a six week tour of Japan. The tour was organized by RCA Records for the purpose of promoting the Nashville Sound. Tokyo had just started the “Tokyo Grand Ole Opry”. Chet Atkins was the Arranger and Producer for the Nashville RCA Artist. Those on the tour, besides The Browns, and Chet Atkins, were Hank Locklin, Skeeter Davis and some of the best musicians in Nashville.

It was red carpet through out our tour. We toured the entire country of Japan. Sometimes they could not understand us but they loved our music and we had sold out crowds in every city.

Our tour guide was a major help to us, especially the menu. We were starved for a good old hamburger and home cooking. Hank tried to teach the cooks in the hotel where we were staying in Toyko how to prepare a hamburger, all to no avail. I think we all lost a lot of weight eating fish and rice.

One day the tour guide suggested to the Navy Commander that we have a home cooked meal with all the sailors. They were delighted to have lunch with all of us. They were not near as delighted as we were. They served us “Navy Beans and Cornbread”. We ate so much, we had a “stinking good time” for the remainder of that day.

They let us use their PX for supplies we needed. I had run out of stockings and since the Japanese have such little feet…(or, I have such big ones), I was extremely proud of that chance to purchase some stockings.

With all this devastation of Japan, I am reminded of those gracious people and the chance to entertain them, with some of the greatest artist in the world. Our friends, Chet, Hank, Skeeter, and that wonderful Nashville Sound Crew. None of whom are with us today.

I am so thankful that Jim Ed, Bonnie and myself are still here to share this little bit of history with each of you. It saddens our hearts to think of those yesterdays and losing our friends but most of all for the suffering going on in Japan. May God be with them all.


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