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Maxine Brown – One of My Favorite Stories about Elvis Presley

If you have ever read my book, “Looking Back To See”, then you know The Browns were not only good friends with Elvis but we worked many show dates with him.

I am constantly being asked to share more stories that are not in my book. I have several and happy to share a few. A lot of un-truths have been written about him. You have to know the person and be with him daily to know the real Elvis and what a gentleman he was. I will never write anything that isn’t true and I will always uphold the legacy of our friend, Elvis Presley.

I enjoyed sharing the Graceland stage with Scott Williams, the Fan Relations President, and the Host, Tom Brown, of Turner Network. (Tom and I are not related, though I refer to him as my Kissin’ Cousin). The following is one of the stories I shared with the Elvis fans on one of my appearances. I thought I would share the following with my Facebook and newsletter friends.

I used to do all the laundry for us. We would save all our nickles and dimes for the washeteria. I tried doing only one load as it would be too much for two machines. One time I happened to throw in a pair of my red silk panties. I know I had seen my mom wash them a hundred times in the past. But this time, everything came out pink, all the boys undershorts, shirts and socks. Everyone was upset. Everyone that is, except Elvis. He loved the color pink, as everyone knows. I told the guys, “don’t worry, when we get to Tyler, I will have Billie Perryman show me how to bleach and we will get those things back white again.

Tom and Billie Perryman were our friends and they were the ones who booked us together off the Louisiana Hayride. Back in those days, Elvis was paid $100.00 a day, and out of that he paid Scotty and Bill $25.00 each. The Browns were paid $125.00 a day. The three of us liked to eat high on the hog, therefore none of us ever had any money.

Billie helped me get the boys belongings back white again. Elvis refused to let me bleach his shorts, shirts or socks. He said, “I want them to stay this color”. He wore those socks I know for a whole month. He was afraid if I washed them, they would fade. They got to smelling so bad that someone–I think it was Scotty Moore–caught him asleep an took those socks and threw them out the car window, along with his shoes.

We got way on down the road (from where we had been staying), and Elvis was mad. Scotty assured him that we would stop at the next department store and buy him some new socks and shoes. It was Sunday and we had a show that night. I told Scotty, “You won’t be buying anything today, everything will be closed.” Back then, we had what was called “The Blue Law” which prohibited Sunday sales of certain merchandise. All of the department stores would be closed. You couldn’t buy a pair of shoes of socks to save your life.

Scotty said, “Well, the only solution is, go back and find those shoes and socks”. Nobody would ever believe this, but he drove right to them. Even the buzzards wouldn’t touch those things.
Elvis did the show that night with those stinking shoes and socks. The next day Scotty and Bill found him some new shoes but no pink socks. I said, ” I bet he wouldn’t know the difference if we bought him some pink girl socks.” Sure enough, we found some and bought every pair the store had. We all split the cost, only too happy to do so. Sometimes that smell was just too much for us hillbillies.

Bill Black found some silk polka dot undershorts. He thought he would play a joke on Elvis and buy him these boxer shorts, as he never seemed to have any clean shorts. The Joke back fired, Elvis loved those shorts and refused to let me wash them….so, the boys had to find another men’s store and find him some more silk underpants…They were not able to find the polka dot ones but Elvis didn’t care as long as they were silk. Elvis never let Cotton touch his skin after this. Eventually he let me wash his under clothes. I always wandered why he never had any. Only Elvis knew the answer to this question.

Mama Brown’s Banana Pudding
4 Eggs, whole or separated
(if using whites for meringue)
21/2 Cups Sugar
1 Large Can Pet Milk
2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
2 Tablespoons Vanilla
1 Stick Butter
Dash of Salt
1 Box Vanilla Wafers
5 or 6 Bananas
1/2 Pint Whipping Cream, whipped. Sweeten with 2
Tablespoons Sugar

Beat Eggs until foamy: Add sugar & cornstarch. Mix well. Add milk, vanilla & salt. Cook in a double boiler until the mixture thickens. Remove from heat. Pour layer in bottom of pudding pan. Add layer of vanilla wafers and bananas until all used up. Top with whipped cream. (If you are using the whites for topping, then beat until very stiff, adding 2 tablespoons sugar. (NOTE: This serves a bunch, but if you are making this for Elvis, Scotty and Bill plus my hungry bunch, it took a lot). This was something I always made for Elvis, it was his favorite.

BANANA PUDDING: (This one is easy, Maxine’s favorite, it has NO eggs).

1 Large Jello Cook and Serve Vanilla Pudding Mix
(Cook according to directions)

When the mix starts getting thick, remove from heat, and add 2 tablespoons Vanilla flavoring. Pour into bowl, alternate with bananas and vanilla wafers.
Top with whipped cream, or cool whip. Crush a few vanilla wafers and add to top. (This is best when the whipping cream is poured on top while the mixture is still hot. Let it run all down through, delicious!!!)

I treasure you all and love to hear from you. Thank you for your orders through my store. If you try the Banana Budding, let me know.
Maxine Brown

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