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The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie

Maxine Brown’s Life – Here and Now

By Maxine Brown

Many of my Facebook and website friends have asked about my life today, and what I’m doing. Though its always rewarding to write about those early years, my fellow entertainers, and places of interest, I decided for this newsletter I would try and answer a few of their questions.

My lifestyle would not be exciting for most people, but I enjoy it.  I still live in Arkansas and and have a wonderful family — three children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.  Writing Looking Back to See took over ten years. It’s very rewarding now to see the book touch people’s lives, and to see it sell well. It’s now the 3rd best seller of all time at the University of Arkansas Press.  There’s some serious talk of a movie going on. And the website now keeps me pleasantly busy. I have my little shipping room where I wrap all the orders for books and CDs myself, and always add a personal note.

I enjoy doing interviews about the book. Mostly now they’re by telephone, since traveling and touring around at my present age just doesn’t work any more. I can’t seem to accomplish as much as I used to. I don’t know if I’m mellowing with age, or what? I just know that what I used to do all night, now takes me all night to do.

Many people want to know why I never re-married. The answer is quite simple. No one ever asked me!  I don’t think they wanted a ready made family, and my kids always came first. I never met a man who was willing to shake hands first. I wish I could have patterned my life after one of my favorite mottos:  “In order to have a good life, we need someone to love and be loved, something to do, something to look forward to, and have a good BM every day.”

If I had my life to live over, I would probably find a good soul mate, if for no other reason, to drive me around to various doctor appointments.  (I have a back scratcher from Walmart). Also, I am constantly asked “when are we going to join brother Jim Ed and Bonnie on stage at the Opry or do any concert appearances?”  I am afraid those days are over for me now, due to health problems.  Sooner or later, age catches up with us. I’m at peace with that.

On July 3rd, 2009, The Three Browns re-united on stage of the Grand Ole Opry to celebrate 50 years of our signature song, “THE THREE BELLS”.  All of our family was there, over 40 people! We have had a great career in spite of all we had to endure. The Browns are proud to be recognized as “Legends of Country Music”. It’s hard for me to understand, however, why we haven’t been accorded more recognition within the Country Music industry.  The fact that we had so many songs, filled so many concert halls and still have so many million selling records listed in those “greatest hits” packages advertised in magazines and on TV prove that we made a huge impact.

I have been able to recognize that most of the not so good things that happen in life are beyond my control.  I’ve learned to enjoy my life today, and count my many blessings, and let go of the past and that old tyrant called self-pity. I LOOK BACK now and then, if only to find the meaning of things, good or bad.

We had our share of triumphs but all we ever wanted or needed was a good song to sing and good people to sing it to. Our song started out with three poor as dirt kids dreaming wildflower dreams.  The chorus took us all over the world, and the last verse brought us right back home to our strong beginnings.


* You will find some of these thoughts are from my book, LOOKING BACK TO SEE).

* Enjoy The Brown’s music, posted on my website.

* We’ll have more recipes for you next month.

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5 Responses to “Maxine Brown’s Life – Here and Now”
  1. Paula Newton says:

    I sure did enjoy reading this about your life now. I love your wit! Makes me smile and sometime laugh out loud. Just love it! Keep up the good work!

  2. Maxine Brown Plaskan says:

    HI Maxine! I have written for a long time as you will see. Some the reasons are health related.. so that must come first as you say, right after the kids.
    You’re sure a busy woman. I dont do that much anymore. I’m not sure what I told you before, but in 2002 I had a brain tumor which has consumed my life. I am still walking on top of the grass so thats a good thing. My husband & I celebrated 45 yrs in April 2011. Our daughter & son did a grand job of surprising ME mostly, cause my hubby was in on it. I dont know how he kept so many secrets!
    There were about 20 guests to help us celebrate. I was so excited, riding to the restaurant in an 18 seat Limo. I was also surprised with a phone call from our Elivis tribute guy. We know him quite well & is just a sweetheart. I am almost out of space , so will end up by saying we have 4 gr kids & I gr granddaughter. The only thing i wish is that they lived closer to us. I hope u get to read this.

    I love your songs & it still thrills me that we have the same name!

    Sincerely Maxine Brown from Regina Saskatchewan Canada

  3. Randy Francis says:

    I know that many other fans of both The Browns and Maxine Brown would share with me appreciation for this update on your life. Of course, none of this is ours or anybody’s business, but it was gracious of you to share a little of your personal life with us! I know all who visit your superbly done website and read this, and all the other things you share will find it all to be endearing. I met and rubbed shoulders with you back in the 80s a few times and always appreciated and was impressed by the realness in how you carried yourself as a star and a music legend. That realness is something the world needs more of these days and it came through in typical Maxine style and it brings a genuine smile to my face as I read it. It’s too bad that we can’t look forward to seeing you and your talented sibs huddled together on stage in the forseeable future. Please just don’t say absolutely never again!

    A friend and a true fan,

    Randy Francis

  4. Sandy Young says:

    Hi Maxine,
    Just listened to your interview on NPRs “Here and Now”, it was a great interview. You have such a natural and easy way of talking, singing and writing, you are a joy to hear in all formats. Something I have always wondered about…..why do we need labels on music…country, pop, etc… how about just one label “GOOD’ music? Can you imagine the chaos that would cause? lol

    a “GOOD” music fan,

  5. Brian Lane says:

    Hi Maxine.. I love your stories on your website.. and the bit of the 3 bells still ringing true by maxine Brown..
    Thank you for the wonderful conversations on FB… Hope to talk again soon… Hope to meet you someday as well, your a great friend… “B”

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