Maxine Brown

The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie

The Browns at the Country Music Hall of Fame Ceremony

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Table of Contents: 1. A Dream Fulfilled, by Maxine Brown 2. Linda Haymes of Arkansas Democrat Gazette 3. Recipes A Dream Fulfilled By Maxine Brown Jody Williams Master of Ceremonies, Maxine Brown, Becky Brown and Bonnie Ring On October 25, 2015 Jim Ed Brown and The Browns were formally inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.  This was the highest honor anyone could ever achieve in country music and one we had dreamed of for decades. The hospitality shown by the... Read more

MAXINE BROWN – A DREAM COME TRUE! The Country Music Hall of Fame

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Contents: 1. A Dream Come True – BROWNS IN THE COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME, by Maxine Brown 2. Recipes A. PORK CHOPS B. QUICK & EASY ROLLS, (With Mayonnaise) C. TUNA/NOODLE CASSEROLE D. EASY ORANGE CAKE E. FRESH STRAWBERRY PIE F. COCONUT SHEET CAKE A DREAM COME TRUE By Maxine Brown A Dream came true on  March 25th, for Jim Ed Brown and The Browns, Maxine and Bonnie when it was announced that the three of us were the newest members of the CMA Hall of Fame, in the Veterans Era... Read more

Maxine Brown Christmas Season Newsletter & Recipes

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I am proud to let my family and friends know that the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted in an Agreement The Browns have made with The Butler Center of Arkansas Studies. Arkansas has long been among the most significant contributors to the nation’s musical foundation, country, pop, folk, rock & jazz. The special music collection is an open and growing collection which is continually adding relevant materials. In 1980, I converted a room in my home into a Brown’s Museum... Read more

Maxine Brown – Spring 2014

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By Maxine Brown Everyone keeps asking for more of Momma Brown’s recipes. They’re in this newsletter, and I hope you enjoy them. It’s fun to hear back from those who try the recipes. Here’s a few simple words first. I have good news. I just celebrated my 83rd birthday. I never dreamed that I would live this long and never in my life would I have revealed my age to anyone. What the heck!! I don’t get any propositions or whistles anymore. At this stage of my life there... Read more

November 2013 Recipes and News

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Table of Contents 1. Gold and Silver, by Maxine Brown 2. The Browns Appear Live on the Eddie Stubbs Show, by Randy Francis 3. The Bus, by Maxine Brown 4. Fall Recipes Gold and Silver by Maxine Brown A dream came true on August 3, 1963 when then Grand Ole Opry manager, Ott Divine invited The Browns to become Opry members. Little did we ever dream that we would be celebrating a golden anniversary with our brother Jim Ed. In 1967, Bonnie and I more or less retired because of family ties which limited... Read more