Maxine Brown

The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie

The Browns Spread Country Music to the World

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By John Dersham As a kid in the fifties I grew up in New York City. I had no exposure to country music. In those days you did not hear country music on the radio in the Northeast. My family enjoyed Perry Como. He had a very successful weekly TV show for many, many years. One day he was talking about this great new trio who was on RCA with him. He said The Browns (Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie) were bringing Country Music to the pop charts and letting the world hear some of the finest harmonies and sweetest... Read more

October News and Holiday Recipes

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Contents: 1. New Movie About Hank Williams 2. Recent Article about Maxine Brown 3. Holiday Season Recipes and Drinks New Movie for Classic Country Fans – Don’t Miss This! by Maxine Brown “THE LAST RIDE” will be coming to theaters in your area this month. This is a movie film about the country music legend, Hank Williams and his last three days on earth. View the Movie Trailer Here. I never had the pleasure of meeting Hank, but I know his daughter, Jett. She has 4 songs... Read more

Maxine Brown’s Life – Here and Now

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By Maxine Brown Many of my Facebook and website friends have asked about my life today, and what I’m doing. Though its always rewarding to write about those early years, my fellow entertainers, and places of interest, I decided for this newsletter I would try and answer a few of their questions. My lifestyle would not be exciting for most people, but I enjoy it.  I still live in Arkansas and and have a wonderful family — three children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.  Writing... Read more

Maxine Brown – News, Music and Cobblers to Die For

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Never Before Heard Song by Maxine Brown maxine_brown_2 The Story Behind A Mama’s Prayer by Maxine Brown Writing has always been my passion. I often wrote for my own satisfaction. After the break-up of The Browns, Bonnie and I opened our own recording studio. On many occasions, I would turn on the tape recorder and play the piano while singing and recording some of my original material. I would then store the tapes in a big antique trunk which is now full of out dated country songs. Recently,... Read more

“The Browns Are Blue” — New CD Available NOW!

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Maxine Brown has created a delightful new arrangement of original, classic songs by The Browns. This CD, entitled The Browns Are Blue, provides hours of country music listening pleasure. See the review by Edward Morris, senior writer for Listen now to 3 of the 31 songs! Click here to visit the store. Desert Recipes from Moma Brown’s Cookbook Pina Colada Cake: 1 Box French Vanilla Cake Mix Cook in two layers, according to box directions Mix Together: 1 Can... Read more