Maxine Brown

The pioneering Country Music star with "The Browns" – Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie


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Three Shades of Brown

— Original hits with Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie (Hot off the press — In stock and ready to ship!)

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Enjoy these songs by The Browns plus 28 more on this fabulous CD. “I personally autograph, wrap and ship all orders received through my website. Thank you and I’m so very, very happy our harmony touches you.” (Maxine Brown)


Only $16.95

View Back Cover *** Inside CD Intro from Maxine Brown

Bill Mack writes:“As a disk jockey and fan … I have considered The Browns to be in a special league when it comes to harmony. This dates back to when Jim Ed and Maxine broke into the popularity charts as a duo with “Looking Back To See” (Maxine has a tremendous book with the same title. I recommend it!). After younger sister Bonnie joined Jim and Maxine, establishing the group as The Browns, super hits began showing up in the best-seller charts. “The Three Bells” was a smash “country” hit that crossed over into the “pop” and “rock” charts . Then came “Scarlet Ribbons” and other perfectly blended renditions.

“This compilation, Three Shades of Brown, consists of 31 diversified treasures that amplify the talent of The Browns as never before. One simple word describes this CD album: Tremendous!

Bill Mack

Nice note from Monte Railsback: “Maxine, I have listened to the entire album Three Shades of Brown now and I have never seen an album like this, that takes one through the different phases of life. I cannot believe you are only charging $16.95 for some of the best recorded music in the history of this country! This is a must have CD and I can see why Willie Nelson and Bill Mack are so excited about it.” Monte

New! The Browns Are Blue

Read Introduction inside CD case **** View Back Cover and List of 31 Songs

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Born to Be With You

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Looking Back to See

Edward Morris, senior writer for, reviews The Browns Are Blue
You’re going through a closet you haven’t weeded out in years. And there, somewhere near the back, you find your old varsity jacket or that gorgeous prom dress—and instantly the moon is full and you’re young again. That’s what it’s like listening to Maxine, Bonnie and Jim Ed Brown’s re-released treasures, The Browns Are Blue. Don’t take the title too seriously, though. Sure, this world-famous trio dips into the vast caverns of heartbreak with songs like “Have You Ever Been Lonely,” “Blues In My Heart” and “Watching My World Fall Apart,” but also among the 31 glorious tunes in this one-CD treasure chest you’ll find such upbeat and enduring pop confections as “Buttons & Bows,” “My Adobe Hacienda,” “Lavender Blue” and The Browns’ breakthrough country hit, “Looking Back To See.” The melodic territory they cover here is vast, ranging from Roy Acuff’s “Streamlined Cannonball” to Hank Williams’ “Mansion On The Hill” to Frank Loesser’s holiday gem, “Green Willow Christmas.” Fair warning, though: Once you start listening to this album, it may be days before you get back to purging that closet.

Only $16.95

Sugar Cane Country — Buried Treasure
Great Solo Performances by Maxine Brown … of the Trio Browns.

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Take it Out in Trade

Listen to I’m in the Arms of a Heartache
I’m in the Arms of a Heartache

Listen to Never Love Again
listen now to Never Love Again

From Bill Mack (Grammy winning member of the Country Music Disk Jockey Hall-of-Fame.)

“I have been a devoted fan of The Browns, since they first came on the music scene in the 50s. In the beginning, it was Jim Ed and Maxine. Beautiful Bonnie would become a part of the team later, after graduating from school. The Browns were to become the top country music vocal group. However, they also crossed over to the Pop and Rock popularity charts with their super hits. Eventually, Jim Ed would become a successful ‘single act’.

“Maxine also proved capable of ‘doing it on her own’. This collection of songs by the beautiful lady presents the simple fact that she is blessed with the voice … and the styling … to exhibit her professionalism in ‘Top-Marquee’ form. Maxine Brown has the perfect voice. In this CD, she has chosen the perfect material to allow that voice to charm the masses!”

– Bill Mack

“I am so pleased to finally have Sugar Cane County on CD. I have enjoyed the LP for many years and I was afraid it was going to be forgotten in the digital age. In playing the CD, I was struck by just how far ahead of it’s time the album was when it was released. Honestly, it sounds ageless. I would love for this project to discover an even wider audience. Songs like the title track, I Want To Thank You, Take The Time To Know Him and My Biggest Mistake are such great songs and should have been major hits. I have always loved Take It Out In Trade. I find when I played the LP for friends they could not believe that was not a radio hit. The inclusion of bonus tracks makes a classic album the perfect CD release. So many projects are simply converted to CD without the love that you obviously put into these releases. I want to thank you for the music and wish you only the best in life.
Respectfully Yours,
Mike Gregory

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Only $16.95!

“Hi Maxine, I am enjoying your Sugar Cane album very much. I would put you in the same category as Patsy Cline and that is saying a lot. You have such a pure and natural voice and you have to thank your production crew for such great background music and production. I don’t think I have ever ordered an album from anyone before and gotten so much personal attention. The CD case was autographed, the CD was autographed and the email with a personal note. It is great! I love it. I feel like I know you.” (Ronald Frederick)

Combo: Order Sugar Cane County and Three Shades of Brown together.

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Autographed copy of Looking Back to See

(Personally autographed for you by Maxine Brown!)

The Browns — Maxine, Bonnie, and Jim Ed — are a trio of singing siblings that had tremendous success in the 1950s and ’60s. Following in the tradition of Loretta Lynn’s Coal Miner’s Daughter, this memoir, told in Maxine’s own plucky, spirited style, delves into the Browns’ remarkable past, beginning with a Depression-era childhood in rural south Arkansas scarred by poverty and tragedy. From that beginning emerges a duo, Maxine and Jim Ed, who became a popular feature of Little Rock’s Barnyard Frolic and, in 1954, had a top ten hit with Looking Back to See. Sister Bonnie later joined them, and strengthened by shared experience they soon were regulars on the well-known Louisiana Hayride. They would eventually help a young Elvis Presley get started on the show and tour with him as their opening act, and it wasn’t long before he became a close friend of the family. Other hits followed, including I Take a Chance and I Heard the Bluebirds Sing.

Wish to read a sample chapter? Looking Back To See by Maxine Brown – Chapter 1

$34.95 (Softcover – 348 pages)

“This book was one of the best biographies I’ve ever read. I’ve read many of them and this one was the hardest for me to put down at night. This book is so good it felt like I was around to witness it myself. Maxine has such a beautiful way with words (being a great songwriter) that the book did more than just tell her life story, it was a beautiful story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys country music or biographies in general!” (Tara Muck — one of the many Five Star Reviews at

Three Bells – THE BROWNS 8 audio CD Box Set

Available at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville, Tennessee